Chandigarh university UIC fraud with students, CU Fraud

I don’t know if many of you are aware about the ‘scam’ happening in the Chandigarh University (CU) or not, but here I am, ‘victim’ of the Chandigarh University’s ‘scam’, which is robbing students of their money by sending them to 18 km away from Campus to Cordia Group of Institutes (which is not the part of CU) after admitting them into Chandigarh University only.  

I took admission into the Chandigarh University in late June,2022 and the orientation and classes were scheduled to happen on 24 and 25 August, 2022 respectively. However, on 29th of July, 2022, I received a notification in the telegram group of CU (not an official group) which stated that there was ‘collaboration between Cordia Institutes and Chandigarh University to raise the standard of Education’ about which I confirmed from the Admission Counsellors who also told me that our department will be shifted to Cordia Group of Institutes.

This came as a shock to me as I have taken admission and have already paid for Chandigarh University and its infrastructure and sufficient facilities of labs etc. needed for my course. I have even joined their hostel facility to save the travelling time and now they are saying that ‘our department is being shifted’ to some random college, and I’ll have to travel 18 km away from hostel to take classes, which will cost me time and money and will drain my energy. Another problem is that we have no idea about the infrastructure, quality of teaching, etc. of that college where we are getting shifted to.

More to this, even now the CU is taking admissions in the name of their main campus but later, doing this kind of fraud. They are telling nothing about the collaboration thing, if there is any, at the time of admission. Further, though the counsellors have confirmed that this shifting to another college is happening, University has so far neither released any official notice about the same nor is responding to our mails.

This is a clearly a cheating and very unacceptable to me. If have paid to study in the main campus, why should I study somewhere else; if I have paid for the infrastructure and the facilities of the main campus of CU, why would I be deprived of it; if I have joined hostel to save my time, why should I travel 18km daily, costing me time and additional unnecessary expenses?

Tweets from Students of UIC Department

I urge the Chandigarh University to- think about their action once again; kindly respond to our mails; and disclose all the information about the classes and collaboration at the time of admission itself so that the students can make informed decision and not regret after taking the admission into the University.

Lastly, I sincerely request the University to avoid shifting us to another college for now as you have not informed the students about the collaboration at the time of admission. We have paid the fee for the main campus, kindly do not deprive students of it.

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